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Searching General Liability Insurance & Professional Liability Insurance.?

I'm searching for the cheapest General Liability Insurance and cheapest Professional Liability Insurance for a small drafting firm employing only two people. will be home based and will meet clients outside. Second, what type(s) of insurance is mandatory for this type of business in reality? I'm wondering if I truly need General Liability Insurance as I and my significant other will run the show??

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    You can't buy this online. You can't bypass an agent. So you'll need to find a local agent - to you - to get some quotes.

    At a minimum, you'll need general liability and professional liability. At a minimum, it's probably going to run you $2500, maybe more, depending on EXACTLY what you do.

    And there won't be a ton of companies willing to write this where you are - maybe only two or three in the entire state, and at least one, won't write insurance on a brand new business.

    Call the guy that writes your house/car insurance, and ask him for a quote. That's a good place to start.

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    The exact type and amount of insurance you need depends on the complexity and scope of work you perform. Generally, the larger the job, the greater the coverage you need. While you can “design” the type of coverage you need, there are four basic types of insurance: - See more at:

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    how much does it cost in maryland county for general liability insurance for 50 people to attend training for one day

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    You need to find a good commercial broker in your area and he/she can review your needs and find the best prices. good Luck

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