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What is the highest rank i can get at Army BCT if i go as a PFC?

Hi, I currently have 2 years of JROTC and will have 4 by the time i graduate which means i will go in as a PFC (E-3) and i was wondering whats the highest rank i can leave BCT as? im guessing specialist or corporal? Please help!

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    Favorite Answer will not be eligible for SPC until at LEAST 18 months time in service and you must be MOS qualified.

    A Specialist (mush less a Corporal) is expected to be a master at his job and have some leadership skills. Which as a Recruit out of BCT and AIT you will not be.

    Source(s): Me, an Army Officer, 23 years in the Army, 9 of those enlisted. Came in as a PFC also. Made SPC in 18 months.
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  • 3 years ago

    E-4 may be the optimum rank out of person-friendly. Eagle Scout, JROTC, technical college/protection stress college, will regularly get you E-3 yet you could desire to have stable ASFAB rankings. college is terrific thank you to get the main rank out of person-friendly although, in case you have 4 twelve months degree OCS is awesome. you come out a butter bar, (2d Lt.) there is likewise flight college for enlisted which will make you a WO-a million in case you graduate yet that must be after person-friendly and in straightforward terms once you have utilized and been universal.

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