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My Chances at a top Engineering School?

Before I get started, here are the schools I am asking about: University of Berkeley, Stanford, California Institute of Technology, Illinois at Urbana, Carnogie Melon, Georgia Tech, Michigan University, MIT. Here are my stats/ projected stats and please tell me if there is anything you guys would recommend in order to strengthen my resume whether it be about EC's or Scores.I do have time I am a freshman. Plus I am a pennsylvania resident if that makes any difference.

By the time I graduate I expect to have:

3,89 (3.82 when I apply to college) GPA

2250 SAT (got a 1750 when I took it in 8th grade)

Class Rank: 5/380

11 or 12 AP's (7 AP's by end of junior year) + As rigourous of a schedule as my school allows

DECA State Finalist:9,10

DECA National Finalist:11,12

DECA State Rep: 11,12

Academic Team 9-12(Varsity 11,12)(Nationals 9-12)

Tennis 9-12(Varsity 10-12)

Interact(charity club) 9-12

Member of School Newspaper

Vollunteer Work 10-12

MMMS Summer Camp ( camp for Math and Sciences hosted at Michigan University)

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    9 years ago
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    You say nothing about what sort of engineering you have a passion for. They want to see your passion for engineering. When I started in electronics engineering I already had been building audio equipment for years.

    My daughter, getting her PhD in civil engineering at a top 50 school (and she declined offers from some of the schools on your list) was passionate for transportation and infrastructure since she was a pre-teen.

    You can have all the grades in the world but unless you have passion for engineering, you will be declined. Without passion you will not work hard enough to succeed at what is a very tough curriculum. Also, school clubs, except maybe the math, robotics, computer or science clubs mean nothing for engineering. Sports are a negative.

    What to do. Go buy a copy of Nuts & Volts magazine and build some projects. Or teach yourself C++ or assembly language. If you do not know how to code at a basic level at least by the time you are a senior you are at a disadvantage. And try to be a bit like the guys on Big Bang Theory.

    Source(s): I am an electronics engineer. My daughter id getting a PhD in civil engineering.
  • 9 years ago

    I am a Georgia Southern engineering student who just left the GTREP (Georgia Tech Regional Engineering Program), so I was a student at GT. My grades were not and are not as good as yours. Short answer is yes, you can get into Tech. Long answer is you may have to start in a program like GTREP which will require you to attend another college, like Georgia Southern, for the first two years before moving to Atlanta. Since Georgia Southern now has their own accredited engineering programs, I decided to stay here and not fight with living in downtown Atlanta. Good luck, and don't give up if you get shut down the first time. If you want it bad enough, you'll get it.

    Source(s): My life experiences
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    5 years ago

    Not only are SAT scores needed to give you any real guess, but class rank and activities outside of the classroom MIT students have generally won major math and science competitions, have high AIME scores and have done serious research. Mentioning that you're athletic and planning to join a team would lead me to believe you have no idea what's important at any US college. Unless you've been a star for years and are a recruitable athlete, that's meaningless info.

  • 9 years ago

    With those scores, you should have no problem getting into an engineering school. The average GPA of accepted students to Stanford Engineering school is 3.89. With your your extra curricular activities, you would almost be a shoo-in with everything and your GPA. Work hard on your SAT's/ACT's and you should be fine.

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