My chances at Attending Air Force Academy and AFROTC scholarship?

I'm currently living in Ireland(yes I'm a U.S. citizen) and I'll be finishing my senior year this year. I will be taking my Leaving Cert exam in a few months(Major test that determines what courses you get into in university) I am planning on moving to Michigan after the summer to live with my family there

I am aiming for 525 out of 600 points in my leaving cert which would put me in the top 5% of the country(all seniors in the country take this test, kind of like the SAT I suppose)

also I have looked online(not 100% sure) and that the grades that I hope to receive in my Leaving will translate to a 4.0 GPA.There is no GPA in Ireland so I would assume that they would use this test

I haven't yet taken my SAT's but i expect to get around 700 for Math and Reading.

I also Did football and and wrestling during Freshman year when I lived in America. I did a season of Rugby when I moved here, and now I exercise and keep fit( lift weights, run swim, etc..)

I am on the students Council and I do volunteer work cleaning the town on weekends. (Ireland is a small place so there's not a lot of extra- curriculars around)

I have duel citizenship, but I'm willing to give that up no problem.

The only black mark against me is that me and my friend who is also american got arrested a few years back for taking my dog(lassie dog) for a walk with a machete. It was very stupid and immature, I dont know what i was thinking and I am much more mature now, also I was not charged or convicted of anything, the police basically told me to stop being stupid, which I did.

Also I know about the nomination process which will be difficult in itself, I was just wondering what you think my chances are to get into the Air Force Academy or get an AFROTC scholarship(I plan on doing Aerospace engineering). I would love to be an Air Force officer and serve my country and maybe a pilot, I really can't see myself doing anything else. Thx!

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    It would have been a good idea to have applied for the Class of 2016 since there are only a limited number of opportunities to seek an offer of appointment to a service academy due to the age limitation- Candidate will not have reached his 23rd birthday by July 1 of the year entering the Academy. The main issue is not the nomination. By and large, the nomination is an anachronism. If the service academy wants to offer an appointment to a Candidate, a nomination will be found. This is not mentioned in any service academy catalog or on their websites; however, the Superintendents of Usafa, Usma and Usna each have 50 Nominations to offer to Candidates who the Academy wants to appoint and are without a nomination.

    See 10 USC Ch. 903 Sec. 9342(d).....

    "(d) The Superintendent may nominate for appointment each year 50

    persons from the country at large. Persons nominated under this

    paragraph may not displace any appointment authorized under clauses

    (2) through (9) of subsection (a) and may not cause the total

    strength of Air Force Cadets to exceed the authorized number.

    Not having participated in athletics for half of high school may be an issue. At this point, you have participated for two of three high school years prior to this year. If it is possible to participate in rugby this year, that would probably be a good idea. At Usafa, over 90% of each class were high school varsity athletes, over 80% won varsity letters, around 60% were athletic team captains and about 25% were recruited athletes.

    The other issue is that if you submit a pre candidate questionnaire and apply for a nomination this spring/summer/fall, you are applying for the Class of 2017 that enters the Academy the Summer of 2013. If you do not apply by early fall when many reps and senators stop accepting applications for a nomination, then you will be applying for the class of 2018 that enters the Academy the summer of 2014.

    It appears that you have not applied to any colleges in the US for the Fall since the Sat is being taken the first time this spring. Unless you are planning to go to community college in Michigan this will mean a year off of school, which is not going to strengthen the application. It might be a better plan to either go to school in Ireland or the UK for a year while seeking an offer of appointment or to go to a service academy prep program at a military junior college or a post grad year at a prep school. The Academy waits for Fall grades to make a decision on College Candidates.

    About 50% of Usafa commissioned Lieutenants go on to Flight School to become Pilots. Around 30% of Navy Ensigns and 40% of Marine Lieutenants commissioned at the Naval Academy go on to Flight School.

    The answer I gave to the question at the following link has a wealth of information with regard to the selection process and the path to an offer of appointment to the Service Academies:;_ylt=Ahwm3...

    Good Luck!

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    Slim and none!

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