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I’m a soprano and I can only sing the lowest a middle c and highest a highest F.?

Can I still be successful? How do I expand any tips? I have been signing forever but started singing like 3 years ago and I’m now 16. Any tips please help and no rude comments although I need to work on pitch.

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    Hi! I am a student myself so I am not a teacher but I can tell you that having a small range is common, it is all about technique and in your case also age, you are very young. And if you have a high F, congratulations! I have been able to reach that note about three times in my life, and they were all in my teens. So relax and trust your teacher. If it doesn't feel good, change teacher. If it feels good, don't switch! Good luck with your singing! Best wishes, Maria.

    Source(s): Singing student since several years
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