Is there a name for a projection above the windows on the gable of a front gable house? Does it have a purpose?

There's a house I'm looking at and it has a projection above the third story windows on the front facing gable. I think it's kind of unattractive, but the house in general is unattractive; it's covered in white aluminum siding and is bereft of many of its original details. Anyway, I wondering if there is a name and/or purpose to this projection. I have since noticed them on numerous houses in my area.

Here's an example of such a house:

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, there is. It's designed to work as a built in awning for those windows.

    The small amount of hang over reduces direct sunlight into the room, adding energy efficiency in warmer weather.

    It also functions as a rain deflector so rain does not cascade down directly onto the windows. Handy little architectural addition. Personally I would not remove it.

  • t-rexs
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    9 years ago

    we call it an overhang

    its suppose to be there

    helps with the elements - keeping them out of the window sills causing less rot - less sun damage also

    in our part of the country they hang ornate carvings off of the ends called gingerbread

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