How can I stop spam in yahoo mail?

On one of my accounts I have 0 spam messages, on this one I checked my mail today and had 407 in the spam folder and 50 spam e-mails in the inbox.

Almost all of the spam comes from a couple of collective shopping websites for which I registered.

What can I do to stop them from coming?

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you are able to UNSUBSCRIBE to these emails (link usually found near the bottom of the email) that would normally stop them. If unsuccessful through that means you might consider calling them if you know the phone number. When all else fails you will see below the best way I know to LESSEN spam emails.

    Usually just clicking on SPAM when you receive the message will direct it to your SPAM FOLDER and any subsequent emails from this person will go there...if that doesn't work try below....NOTE:If you want to edit the settings of SPAMGUARD click on SPAM in the folder section on the left side of your email page. Once in you will see SPAMGUARD and the edit option.

    If you are using yahoo classic go to "Options" It is above your email Click on "Mail Options"

    Click on SPAM

    Enter the address you want to block

    Click on “Add Block”. not forget to click on SAVE CHANGES



    There isn't any SAVE CHANGES. To save your changes just click on one of the options on the left side....IE;SIGNATURE.


    On occasion the sender changes their name BEFORE @ so block that DOMAIN the following way...

    If you are receiving several emails from the same domain, but various ID's, the easiest way to stop them is to enter the domain into your "Blocked Addresses".

    In Yahoo! mail, to block the senders domain (

    ◘ Click on "Options, upper right corner of mail page".

    ◘ Then "Mail Options".

    ◘ Click on "Spam" from the list on the left.

    ◘ In the "Add a blocked address" box, enter the domain (only the part of the email address AFTER @, do not include @). Note: I have recently seen where you should have the @ included...try them both.

    ◘ Click the "Add" button.

    Now, any email from that domain, no matter what ID is used to send it, will be blocked. not forget to click on SAVE CHANGES (CLASSIC format) at the top of the page......In the NEW VERSION there isn't any SAVE CHANGES. To save your changes just click on one of the options on the left side....IE;SIGNATURE.

    NOTE: there is a limit of 500 addresses in the Block Address box. There may come a time where you have to go in to this box and delete some.


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