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He’s rich but his effective tax rate is probably up there in the 30% area with the rest of us


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    effective tax rate Definition: Actual income tax paid divided by net taxable income before taxes, expressed as a percentage.就是稅制上的專有名詞”有效稅率”其普遍定義<=實際已扣所得稅額除以稅前應課稅所得淨額之百分比 ,”有效稅率”之高低,影響到國民的就業意願。有效稅率太高,人民必須因就業所得課稅過高,而選擇自幾自足更輕鬆划算。”有效稅率”越高的人,當然也是屬越高收入的人,且顯得他是勤份工作不會逃稅的人。”有效稅率”也有負值的,到時稅務機關應退稅。因此以下翻譯把專有名詞”有效稅率”加入即可He’s rich but his effective tax rate is probably up there in the 30% area with the rest of us 他很富有,但有效稅率同大家其餘的人一樣都是位在30%那個高區域。(他雖已很富有,但跟我們其餘的人一樣預繳30%所得稅,是個勤奮工作的人)


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    Maybe, that is not what you think, Your Majesty.

    This sentence reveals that Lin obeys the tax law (fair or not) accordingly to his "income" which is probably as high as the majority of the rest of Americans.

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    American princess does not have to work. All Americans will pay what you need.

    Fair enough?

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    補加probably 之翻譯



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    Sorry.It's" Muchas gracias!"

    I don't want to speak in Barbarian Spanish,ha-ha

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    Maestro Geoffrey! Bien hecho por su explicación!

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    De nana! Pienso que necesitamos para practicar nuestro español para el viaje a Mexico.

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    We are all learning it, making mistakes is not a bad thing, otherwise, how do we know we do it right!

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    This is to attack the fairness of the current US taxation system.

    It is trying to say that

    he is rich and it is unfair for him to pay at effective tax rate of 30% just like the rest of us.

    [excluding me, of course, American princess does not need to pay tax at all.]

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