Am I just gay or just respect women to much?

I am bisexual but I will never date a guy I am just sexual attracted to them. I am still a virgin and never dated anyone. I just now started watching straight porn but when I see the women doing *stuff* I get disgusted because it just makes them seem like a slut and I dont think women should be doing that kinda stuff on video. I want a girl who respects herself and doesnt dress to revealing.. Google LIGHTS (Singer) or Taylor Swift. Those are the kinda girls I want but sadly cant find. I am thinking of saving myself for marriage so our relationship can be stronger. So am I gay because I hate picturing girls naked or them on porn. I just think it is wrong.

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    9 years ago
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    Coming from someone who has a sex drive bigger than three elephants, I'm not a big fan of (most) porn either. Difference with me is most of it just looks... messy, I guess (blame it on the anime. That's all I'm saying). I have no problem with porn stars. If they want to do that, it's up to them, female or male (because, y'know, guys do that too, and I don't see you saying it's slutty or wrong for them).

    And no, disliking porn doesn't mean you're gay.

    "I hate picturing girls naked or them on porn. I just think it is wrong."

    -Naked-? Jeez, speaking as a girl, calm your respect bonër down, dude. Though, that might be something. Are you sexually attracted to women? Yes? You still aren't gay. No? You may be gay. You don't know? Hell, I'm not psychic.

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    You're right -- porn does demean women, but -- weird as it sounds, there are women who want to do that sort of thing.

    Nothing wrong with saving yourself for the right partner, but it sounds to me like you are pretty young. You also sound like you are gay, but trying to convince yourself you "respect" women because you don't feel sexual attraction to them. Believe me, you would not be the first nice young man who wound up married and miserable -- and making the young woman he married miserable -- because he just didn't want to have sex with a girl.

    I think that it's MUCH better to have sex before marriage. NOT promiscuously, but when you're both sure you want to make a commitment -- because divorce is messy and expensive.

    The question is... does reading het sex bother you? Try reading a "sensual romance" -- sort of soft-core porn,with emotions. If you enjoy that, it may be just the visual aspect of porn that bothers you -- after all, the characters in fiction are not real, so no humans are harmed in the process. And while you're at it, try reading gay romance, too. That may give you a better idea of where your real feelings lie.

    Either way -- you're not alone.

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    9 years ago

    You sound like the paradigm of the mistrusted bisexual: mistrusted by straights for homosexual tendencies and mistrusted by homosexuals for being such a sellout. Typical downlow brotha who gets down and dirty with the fellas but is so self loathing he'd die before being seen with one. No wonder your kind end up in miserable marriages and have a reckless tendency of infecting innocent women with HIV. I wouldn't dare sleep with you under any circumstances. Respect women? I think not.

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    9 years ago

    Your attracted to guys, so yes either way you have some sort of attraction towards men.

    You are aware that the woman you see on p0rn are different then the woman you respect, right?

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