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What can you achieve in six months of working-out and dieting?


I recently purchased a gym membership, after never having purposely exercised a day in my life. I'm generally thin in appearance, standing 5'09" and weighing approximately 135 pounds. My athletic ability is quite limited, in that I cannot lift very heavy weights or do anything very impressive in the gym - this is, of course, the result of general inactivity on my part.

Most of my friends are making it sound like I can become most anything I want to in half a year, provided that I keep going to the gym and eating right. Obviously I'm not going to become Mr. Universe or Arnold Schwarzenegger in that period of time, but would it be unrealistic of me to expect drastic, noticeable changes?

I'm not quite sure whether I'm an ectomorph or a mix of ecto- and meso-. I do have a layer of fat over my gut, though it's not anything anybody would notice unless I were to lift my shirt up.

I've just never been a big eater, so I don't know how well my body is going to respond to a significantly increased caloric intake. Diet seems incredibly important in regards to building muscle mass - anybody have any tips on what to eat? Oatmeal, chicken, eggs, and rice all seem to be popular recommendations.

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    What up man. Based on your stats, you're at least part ectomorph, though a lot of people are a combination of various body types. I'm leaning towards predominately ectomorph.

    In six months, you can achieve quite a bit. How much depends on a # of factors such as having the proper diet, proper weight training and recovery, adequate rest as well as your genetics. If your diet stinks, you may get a little bigger but the mirror is the ultimate gauge.

    As far as thing to eat, lean protein that you mentioned is fine. Also get in some complex carbs especially on workout days like brown rice, whole wheat pita and pasta and lots of green veggies. Stay away from obvious junk food. 1 gram per body weight of protein is fine.

    Workout wise, for starters, I always recommend compound lifts. That's all you need for right now. Compound lifts will give you a nice solid foundation. Once you get pretty strong, you can then decide if you want to stick to a 3 day type bodybuilding split. Hope i'm not confusing the heck out of you. Before I forget, compound lifts are exercises that work multiple muscles at once. Bench press, dips, pull ups, push ups, dead lifts etc.

    If you need more advice, please check out my youtube channel below. I'm a fairly lean guy but I have a lot of experience with diet and fitness in general. I also posted a few of my lifting routines on my channel. best of luck. link below.…

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    Your BMI and body fat % element out that you would possibly want to be very close to to unveiling your 6 p.c... In my journey, it comes once you dip down less than 6-8%, although its slightly different for anybody. Your nutrients routine consists of a severe share of carbohydrates presently. The mission for you'd be to regulate blood sugar even as ingesting some a lot less carbs and a touch more suitable protein (to maintain your muscle mass even as you lose a touch of fat, ensuing in a decrease body fat % and a lot less fat around the 6 p.c.. area). Whey protein shakes are a speedy source of protein that i exploit, yet meats and eggs are solid too. Nuts have protein, yet i hit upon they're too fatty for my flavor. For only ideal outcomes/ lowest marvel on your insulin, combine protein and carbs interior a similar meal/snack. they look a lot more suitable effective even as eaten together. also, evaluate ingesting a lot less processed nutrients, because it oftentimes has an excellent kind of fat (and preservatives, that are literally not touching on on your question in any respect extremely). uncooked ingredients help gasoline your body more suitable effectively. Your artwork out seems nice, shop that as a lot as secure the muscle that you've. evaluate including some large leg moves in there to boost your metabolism and hormones. Ex: squats, hamstring bridges, etc. also, blending up the intensity on your cardio can marvel your body in a fantastic way. ex: google "period preparation" and "HIIT" (severe intensity period preparation). Do those workouts sometimes to modify issues up. the hardest area will be getting adequate nutrition (dont provide up your nutrition!), observing your glucose/ insulin ranges, and only sticking with your application. Consistency is precise, do not provide up!

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