History questions, ill be forever grateful...?

Answer these and i'll do something to repay you. idk maybe i can ask a bunch of lame questions and you go answer and ill pick you so you can get some points. idk hahah.

but i really need help please and thank you!

Short Essays:

1. Explain why the textbook authors express the idea that Ivan IV's claims of legitimacy were contradictory.

2. Describe the territorial expansion of Russia from the 15th through the 18th centuries noting the rule under which the expansion occurred, the geographical area of expansion, and the reasons for the expansion (please note that the map in your textbook may be keyed incorrectly here--remember that Russia expanded each time, never contracting during this period). 

3. What sort of cultural practices or beliefs persisted from the Byzantine and Mongol eras into the creation and rise of Russia?

4. How did the majority of Russian peasants enter into serfdom and what was the nature of their situation?  

5. In what ways did both Peter the Great and Catherine the Great practice selective Westernization?

6. Besides the practice of Serfdom, what other ills of Russian society did reformers such as Radishev and Pugachev work to end?

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    You're just going to have too look up Ivan IV in your textbook to answer #1. Unless we know which textbook it is, no one on here will be able to tell you what those particular authors said about him. They might be able to find other websites that would give reasons for thinking Ivan IV's claims were contradictory, but unless you know which reasons are in your textbook, you can't use those in your essay. Your teacher will know what the book does say, and if you use something someone gave you off the internet that is not even close to what is in your book, your teacher will be like, what the bleep?

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    OK, you have asked your quota of lame questions and I seriously doubt that you have the intellect to expand. Hell, everyone knows that Pugachev spent his life trying to protect the right to anal invasion.

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