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My friends are mean to me?

Hi, I'm Nina. :)

This is really long... But, if you have patience, I would be thankful.

I'm 15 and I have a very few friends.

My best friends are Laura and Emily, also 15. We've been friends for 7. But, recently they started to be mean.

They two aren't best friends, they are just friends, but both of them are better friends with me than they are with each other. And that's what makes things weird, because they have a few friends too and losing me wouldn't help them...

Laura is extremely mean to me. She keeps reminding me on all the bad things that happened in my life. I was in depression three years ago and now, when I'm not depressed anymore she keeps reminding me on that period of my life. I hate talking about it, because that was really bad time and i really want to forget it. And I told her that. But she just laughed and said "Ok..." She is mean to others too. When we are talking and someone comes to us just to ask something like what time it is or something like that she says "Go away! We are busy!" without even looking at them and with a really rough voice that even I get scared. I told her how that's bad, but she says how she doesn't care... Also, she keeps reminding me on my weight problems I had two years ago. I lost all of the extra weight, but she still mocks me... She is super skinny and when I was overweight she kept telling me how I'm fat. Also, when I was depressed my grades at school were horrible. But, now I'm one of the best students. And she keeps reminding me on that too with the sentence"Hey, remember how horrible you were!??"

Emily is very sarcastic. When I tell her that I love some band (I love rock/metal and they both just don't seem to accept it) she says "OMG! How can you love something like that?!" Also, when I tell her how I feel about my depression that I experienced three years ago she says "That's stupid! Depression is weird. I will never be depressed!" And she keeps telling me how I'm weird. Once I told her that I want to dye my hair red and she told me "Horrible! You would look disgusting!" It sounds stupid, but it actually hurts...

When i tell them how I have problem, they both just laugh and say how they know it's bad, but "the way I told it" was funny and that they don't know how to help me.

None of us is popular. And they both go around school saying mean things about popular girls. And I just wanna tell them that they should stop it and get a life!

When some guy tells me how I'm beautiful/nice they just say "Thanks god he wasn't here when you were fat!" and I just laugh, but I feel sad.

They just keep underestimating me. And I feel bad.. Really bad.

I also have one male friend, a very, very good friend, but it seems that he likes spending more time with one other girl, because he can laugh with her and gossip about everyone. It seems like I'm not interesting to him anymore...

I feel so lonely. I hate it. I really love people and being with people. But, for some reason people don't love being with me that much. I don't know why are they doing that. I am really nice person to everyone... And when they have problem, I immediately stop doing whatever I was doing and i try to help them. I told them to stop it, but they just said how I am too sensitive. Not that they haven't done anything good for me, they were good friends sometimes.. And we are friends for 7 years, so quitting our friendship would be really hard. And I really don't know what would I do if I would stop being friends with them. I don't have other friends. And I would probably feel even more alone... And I really hate being lonely. So, what should I do?

If you had patience to read this, thank you! :) I'm sorry, I just couldn't make it shorter.

Love, Nina

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    u need to tell them how u feel and when they say mean things it hurts and if they keep doing it ur going to have to stay strong and say and say exactly this " u are super mean and u aren't good and our friendship is in a damn ditch u little sh**s and i dont need u ur the biggest Sh** i've ever seen u fatties and i hope thiss puts u into depression and trust me ur lost without me so try and well bye-bye and dont worry ill make better friends then u a**holes ever were" and by the way make sure u quote tht in my school EVERYONE wants to be my friend and im not mean about it and so what i do tho is i kick a$s and thts what u ned to do and ull have to many friends and u wont know what to do with all of them GOOD LUCK

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    Girls seem to go through this stage when they are teenagers with being mean, acting like 'rebels' some start smoking and drinking it really is a bit of life where both girls and boys start acting like idiots. Some don't you sound like one person that will remain nice but I see you've had some issues that you've dealt with in your teens. What I'm saying is they'll grow up and may still be your friends at the other side and be very grateful in the end you stuck by them but I would say you do need a new friend someone you can talk to and trust so you can talk about your depression or weight issues of the past without being laughed at or ignored. Also someone to talk to about day to day stuff. You need, I would say, a new friend that has the same interests as you and who would be having fun round you. I do know that making new friends ain't as easy as people say but just look out for the right person. Also it is always good to talk to people you don't know about life's problems. There is a lot of good listeners out there.

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    I didn't have the patience to read the whole thing but enough of it. I can say that me and you are a like. I used to be overweight and friends used to make fun of me too in middle school. Once in high school i joined wrestling, I was still fat lol. then after a year I lost like 30 pounds and got really close to my new friends in wrestling. So what I'm saying is that you need new friends that will treat you good. Also try joining clubs or activities in school to meet new people you're also too nice just like I am. Also its just high school once your so called friends mature they will feel bad for hurting your feelings. Trust me if you had a bad social life when you were younger you will have a better one after high school or even your junior or senior year :)

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    Hey there,

    First of all, three way friendships are never great, someone is always left out at some point. Anyways, from what it sounds like and I don't want to sound mean although it's going to, but these girls sound like as they got older they are friends with you out of convince for themselves and only like you when they can make you feel bad about yourself.

    Congrats on being able to battle your depression and rise above it, as well as be able to overcome your battle with your weight.

    As for the dying your hair red, I say go for it do what makes you happy. Who knows maybe that's just what you need to break you out of she'll and make some new friends, better ones who like you for you and don't make you feel bad about yourself.

    It sounds to me like you're a smart girl and you have a lot going for you. Keep up the good work.

    Sometimes the older we get we end up out growing people as well. Also all the negative these girls seem to have to say probably comes from things they don't like in themselves.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope my advice helps.

    Always remember this, its a line from the movie The Help and it goes like this, You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

    Good luck!

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    There not good friends. I believe that a person like you that's so nice should have better friends than that. And if they laugh when your trying to say something serious I don't think there good friends. Find new friends I bet they will be nicer to you than your friends. I hate girls like that. I had a friend like that When I had depressed and when I told her everything I had to say she said I was overreating and to stop acting like a baby. Most of my old friends use to always call me ulgy and that they hang out with me because I make them look better. But I ignore them and made better friend that like me. Just remember the past is the past. And you desherb better friends. :)

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    I can't beleive how much I can relate to this. The simple answer is to not be friends to those who aren't nice to you and to find some new friends but that's a really hard thing to do. Try to rebuild your friendships a bit by going out or something with all your existing friends and maybe one of them will start to be a bit nicer to you.

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    So, would you rather be bullied by your so-called friends everyday than be lonely? Who care what others think. Get away from them!! They are hurting you! You can make new friends, but don't be fake. Be yourself so people can like you fro who you are. You can get through high school with out those jack a$s friends of you're (sorry if i offended you, but a REAL friend would never do that!)

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    I wish I could be your best friend right now. I know how you feel because my friends are leaving me out. Just talk to them about how you feel. If they don't listen just leave them. I would rather have no friends than fake friend . Please answer my question!

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    Sounds like you're friends with a couple of little shits. Real friends don't do **** like that and if I were you id find a few new friends, and once you do THEN break off your "relationship" with them.

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    Some girls are really mean.

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