is Mutual of Omaha good for Plan G medicare?

so many options have given me a headache!


no, this is a "Medigap" plan that covers most everything Medicare A & B does not cover..

Update 2:

Thanks MW. I could never afford more than $140, and still eat,,,I guess growing old is an option...if you cannot afford to live!

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    I have plan F, which pays for everything Medicare doesn't pay for except for long term nursing home or something. But it's very expensive. Once you choose a plan you cannot change plans if you are diagnosed with any one of certain conditions. Ask them about that.

    Also, Mutual of Omaha has two premium increases per year. One on your birthday and another at the end of the year that all policy holders get, it's a blanket increase.

    In 6 years my premium has gone from $83.00 a month to $190.00 a month and it keeps going up.

    Check other insurance companies. But to answer your question, Plan G is very extensive and covers a lot.

    EDIT: Mutual of Omaha is also a Medicare processor, so when your Doc submits Medicare claims, Mutual also processes their part, so it eliminates the Doc having to bill both. They always pay claims very promptly, but Medicare is very slow to pay the doctors.

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    Mutual Of Omaha Reviews

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    Mutual of Omaha is a very good company. However, as a previous poster mentioned they have very large increases. One client went from $105.30 to $174.47 in three years. I've taken many of my clients off of them (at least those that could pass the underwriting) and placed them with other companies.

    Another option would be a Medicare Advantage plan. There may even be some with a $0 premium in your area, or if not $0 at least the premium is much lower than a "Medigap" plan.

    Talk with a local agent that works with both types. The agent can tell you the pros and cons with both types of plans and can help you decide. There is no charge using an agent.

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    is Mutual of Omaha good for Plan G medicare?

    so many options have given me a headache!

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  • 5 years ago

    I just received my policy plan from Mutual of Omaha. I do not observe the amount of co-pays or the deductable for part B. can you give me some idea. I have plan G.

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    You might check the ratings for all of the Mutual of Omaha supplemental policies in your area. These plans are different from state to state. G is the most comprehensive plan.

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    What is plan G? Do you mean plan D- which is for medications?

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