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Can you write a paragraph summarising what you like and dislike about the American Infulence on the UK way of life?

-American words

-American foods

-American fashion

-American cinema and TV programmes

and others...



150-200 WORDS!

I'm Italian

I dont want a list of famous people i only want what u like and dislike about the american influence...

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    (This isn't going to be 150-200 words, because there is a lot to explain. sorry)

    I'm American by the way but I do know how to answer this because I have many British friends.

    They don't love our media. We as Americans export a load of crap when it comes to television and cinema. Such as Maury, Access Hollywood and almost all the shitty new T.V. shows on the Disney channel that don't have any thought put into them. American's have this obsession with the famous. That's why we have Access Hollywood and People Magazine. When you think about it, who the hell really cares about some celebrity going out for some ice cream? But apparently almost all of America does. These Magazines are making millions off of this cheap public entertainment. This is something the UK doesn't really care about. Even if it is British stars. This is something no other countries consider "entertainment". That's something most Brit's don't like. They also don't like a lot of our comedy. They find it pointless, then again our country has a very different sense of humor. We find a lot of thing's funny that other countries such as the UK would find absolutely offensive and racist. But the new generation of the United Kingdom might think differently.

    Now kid's in europe are growing up surrounded by American culture. They are wearing our cloths, Watching our film's and television shows, eating our food, listening to our music, and shopping at our stores. And many of then love it.

    Europeans don't like how we are placing McDonald's on every corner of even the most beautiful, old cities like Paris, Madrid and London. (Even though it's not the USA who is doing it, it's the McDonald's compony doing it)

    They don't like our eating habits. How we eat junk all day, never exercise and eat like animals. (This isn't really a stereotype anymore. It's unfortunately a reality in many part's of America) Obesity is spreading across the globe. And when this happens they all point to the USA. (I personally hate McDonald's, but I think if you don't like McDonald's in you'r country, don't eat it. It's not Americas fault you choose they choose to get a Big Mac with fries 10 times a week!)

    They do not like a lot of our movies and television and music. But some love it.

    They love some of our food, or the american style of foreign cuisine. Such as a california roll, fried rice, New York pizza, meatloaf, and penne alla vodka. These cuisine styles are all from other countries but have been influenced by America. And some do enjoy a good Hamburger with Fries.

    They do love our fashion, but American fashion isn't all that different from english brand fashion.

    They don't think much of our word's and expressions because they know that it's the same with them. They use many word's we don't use here in the USA.

    And most english people do not like our accent. And I agree. They sound much more educated and proper when they talk. They do not use the word like "like" in between every word. Some of us sound like complete idiot's.

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    Hate the way uk people now call both sexes 'guys'. Also how 'season' seems to be replacing 'series'

    I think the trend for having delta-white teeth came from over there & i think they look about the same as false teeth. Plastic surgery to prevent looking old started there. Many british musicians sing as if they have american accents which is very annoyng.

    Most of the influence comes from usa tv and film and music because we share a common language.

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    Pamela Anderson, Arnie, Angelina Jolie, Clint Eastwood.

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    American words - dreadful, why can't they use the proper English words?

    American foods - Unhealthy rubbish, that's why they're so fat.

    American fashion - There's two words I never thought I'd see together.

    American cinema and TV programmes - Rubbish!

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    I see no problem with america, only that you go to war to steal other peoples oil, and we have to join so u dont end up losing. our boys that have died is because of that ****** called George Bush

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