Physics problem please help. (The avogadro number)?

The problem goes as follows.

During your lab, you rubbed the rubber rod with a fur and the rubber rod has acquired a total avogradro number of electrons; calculate the corresponding total charge acquired by the rubber rod.

Please help.

And the avogadro number seems to be 6.02x10^23

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    8 years ago
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    Hey Dude,

    So, if the number of electrons that were rubbed off is avogadro's number as you say, all you do next is multiply the charge of an electron, 1.602*10^-19 C. Your answer is 96,440 coulombs. Hope this helps.



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  • Donna
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    4 years ago

    K is the Boltzmann Constant, which is the universal gas constant R = 8.314 divided by Avagadro's number. Therefore k has a value of 1.380*10^-23 J K ^-1 Ek would then be 1.5* 1.380*10^-23* 435 J = 9.00 * 10^-21J per molecule. For 1 mol, multiply by Avagadro's number. But this is just going around in circles because above we divided by Avagadro's number to get the Boltzmann constant. It is there fore much simpler to say that the kinetic energy of 1 mol ideal gas is given by the equation: Ek = 3/2 RT where R is the universal gas constant and T is temperature in K . For 1.31 mol multiply again by 1.31. I leave it to you to do the arithmetic.

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