Where can I find a girlfriend? READ THE DESCRIPTION!?

Well now it's been a long time since I had a girlfriend (I am not counting the one that lasted 3 days), and I am really lonely, I had this girl that I was trying to make my girlfriend, but she tuned me down every single time I try to get a date, never made eye contact so I gave up, now I have no potentials, in school girls just aren't my type, they fall for the guys that are just different from me, and I don't want to pretend to be someone I am not. I had gfs before, but since we moved I am havin g a hard time finding one. I am not looking for a one night stand, I am looking for a girl with who I would be able to have a real relationship. I don't go to bars, or disco just ain't my place, so where and how can I meet some decent girls, btw I am 17, and please I need eal long answers THANKS!


Please don't forget to answer my major question WHERE can I meet girls...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Fine morning, isn't it brother james? Whats that? Your names not james? Well... It is now.

    First off james, You have quite a dilemma. You want a woman, but alas, you can't find one... well, Ill try to help how i can using this step guide!

    step 1. Select a target.

    This should be your first course of action. Now, in selecting a woman you need to examine many different qualities. This is entirely up to personal opinion. you may like women that love trees, or play golf, or sell drugs on every third tuesday, It doesn't really matter as long as you find yourself the "perfect woman". Now, to find her, become friends with groups of girls and look for someone your attracted too. this shouldn't be hard.

    Step 2. Begin the advance.

    Alright private james, in order to occupy enemy territory, (thats what she said) you must utilize the three s's. Swift, Subtle, Swag. In order to achieve victory, you must be swift! don't take three years to finally make your move. Do it ASAP. Subtly is also key. This is almost the most important S. You can't stare at a girl and say: "Hey you!!!! GIMME SOME LOVIN!!!" No james. That is how rapists are created. You have to be ninja. start by spending time with her. And sitting/standing next to her.

    Step 3. Swag.

    After she knows who you are, Turn your swag on. In a mans arsenal to get women, Swag is the deadliest tool available. Start hinting you like her. Smile at her (non creepy way) and laugh at her jokes. Look at her every once in a while. Try not to get creepy here.

    Step 4. Strike.

    This is where you kill your prey. Theres two ways to do this verbal and physical. with verbal all you got to do is tell her to her face. Just say: "Hey! You know something? I think I like you alot! Want to go on a date?" or something along those lines. With physical, hold her hand or something sometime. I prefer to move in for the hand hold during a extracerriculer activity. maybe on a buss ride... Theres many oppurtunities.

    And thats it james. I hoped this helped at least a little. Remember friendship is key. Don't be annoying. Be well groomed.

    Untill next time.

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  • 9 years ago

    Aight lets see if i can help ya out man. First i would never try more than two times to try and get a girl to go on a date with you. I would say try going to like another schools sports games like basketball or football or go somewhere were there isnt alot of the same people all the time or people you know like girls from your school. And you seem like your a little shy? im not rlly shy im just looking for new ways to help me meet new girls and explore the world. The number one thing with talking to girls you dont know is showing confidence without being cocky, and dont be nervous, maybe the girls at your school arent as they seem. Man you never know the girl that you want could be right beside you the whole time she is just hiding her feelings or emotions. Main thing is dont be afraid to try new things to meet new people even at your school to get to know people. be humorous and confident and dont be too hard on yourself your still young just like me but i got alot of experience with girls, i dont let them get me down if i get turned down or dumped. take a chance and try new things if u need anything else add me as a contact...........................and dont take advise from guys that cuss every other word or call you something your not garrauntee they cant pull the underwear outta there butt much less a girl they dont know take my advise to heart and dont listen to them wackos haha take it easy lil man

  • 9 years ago

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