To me this is a NO brainer what do you think?

So we are on our way back from vacation with our 4 kids and my husband is tired and doesn't want to drive any longer.... ok no biggy so I tell him pull over at the next exit I will drive and the kids can use the restroom.

He pulls over on the side of a busy highway with diesel trucks flying by yah really so I'm like what the hell are you doing???? are you serious ??? I said pull over on the next exit .. you can see the exit less then a quarter of a mile up the highway,

He got mad and said I was totally over reacting and I was ridiculous.

So did I over react because I didn't want my family to die????

He drove the whole way nodding out and wouldn't get off so I could drive the whole way home.

I was furious and still am upset and today he is acting like nothing is wrong asking me what's a mater is he stupid? or am I blowing it out of proportion aagghh....

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  • 9 years ago
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    Did he choose the wrong place to pull over? Certainly.

    Did you overreact? Sounds like it, sorry. A simple: "Honey, could we maybe pull up where it is a bit safer?" might have been a better reaction than yelling at him. After all, if he is tired enough to be 'nodding out', he is tired enough to be making poor decisions. Sympathy works better in such cases, really. Carrying the anger with you is only hurting YOU at this point, sorry. Breathe - let it go - and just be really grateful that you all made it home in one piece.

  • Dusie
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    9 years ago

    You are absolutely correct. If this was an interstate highway it is also illegal for non-emergency stops. He was really controlling when he refused to let you drive.

    Source(s): Raised 3 kids to adulthood who are all safe drivers.
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