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Complete the matching exercise below.

1. He inspired others to believe humans could be studied scientifically.

2. The scientific study of mental processes and behavior.

3. He is the founder of the Psychoanalytic method of studying human behavior.

4. He was known as the Father of American Psychology.

5. A way to describe the connection between our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.

6. This approach believes that humans are innately good and have free choice.

7. Believes our thinking is what influences behavior.

8. This approach views human behavior as the product of our culture.

9. This approach views human behavior as the result of the nervous system and biology.

10. He wrote a book about child rearing.

a. Psychology

b. Neurobiological approach

c. Sociocultural approach

d. John B Watson

e. Cognitive approach

f. FAT triangle

g. Wilhelm Wundt

h. Humanistic approach

i. William James

j. Sigmund Freud

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    9 years ago
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    2 is a - psychology,

    3 is obviously j - Freud,

    6 is h - Humanistic approach,

    8 is c - sociological approach,

    9 is most likely b- Neurobiological approach,

    10 might be d but I'm not sure,

    Not really sure about the others.

    Source(s): Learning all this and more.
  • 5 years ago

    1. g

    2. j

    3. a

    4. h

    5. b

    6. f

    7. i

    8. d

    9. e

    10. c

  • 5 years ago

    Sigmund Freud considered the mind to be an energy system and his theories on psychoanalysis are still debated today. Freud used innovative treatment of human actions such as dreams. He had a massive implications in a variety of others fields such as anthropology semiotics and artistic creativity.

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