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I think I might be Pregnant, but I'm not sure? Please Help.?

Okay so I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. I was suppose to start my period but I didn't for 2 days, but when I did it was regular for 5 days (Like always). I have been cramping, everything I smell makes me want to throw up, and my body just feels weak. (He thinks i'm pregnant and is extremely happy)

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    If you're 100% sure you had a period, you aren't pregnant.

    It is a common misconception to think you can get your period during pregnancy.

    Some women do bleed during pregnancy and mistake it for their periods, but it isn't.

    Implantation bleeding, vaginal bleeding and miscarriages do happen during pregnancy, but this isn't a period.

    A period is the lining of the uterus and the unfertilized egg being shed, because it isn't fertilized so the body is simply getting rid of it.

    If you were pregnant, your uterus wouldn't shed the lining of your uterus because the egg needs that as nourishment and would die without it!

    The egg would also be attached to the uterine lining, so if it was shed, the egg would go too.

    Stress might have caused your period to be late by 2 days.

    Heavy bleeding in pregnancy is a serious matter and shouldn't happen at all.

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    Not pregnant. Just because your period was 2 days late doesn't mean anything because you still got your normal period. Take a test to ease your mind but I really don't think you are pregnant.

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