Math Studies Project: Ideas?

I need to think of a topic for my Math Studies Project, but I'm a little lost on what to choose, and what to do with that topic. (I'd rather not do something with surveys) I was thinking about doing something along the lines of analyzing a board game (like Monopoly) mathematically. Problem is, I'm not sure how I would do that. Card games also come to mind, but again, not sure of how to analyze it. If you have any ideas related to these areas, or any other areas really, I'd appreciate the help. :)

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    9 years ago
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    Analyze the patterns of how all the 7 different weekdays are distributed in a year and you'll find many different patterns. Try also to find out how many years it takes for a cycle to repeat while including leap years etc. It's a lot of fun.

    Source(s): I have done a project on this before.
  • 9 years ago

    There are lots of things you could study from a modelling angle, what affects the flight of a projectile etc, there is plenty of information available and pretty much all problems can be simplified or made more complicated depending on ability etc

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