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what are some fun things to do if your single?

seeing as i dont have a license i can't go places and i don't have friends

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    Well you can alway's try to make friends. I'm in the middle of making new friends right now because me and my best friend both agree that our crowd is full of sh@tty @ssholes. If that doesn't work, you could always play x-box all day.(kidding)-do some things around the house, explore your interests, find a hobby, draw, learn an instrument, walk it off, play an online game and make virtual friends, start a facebook. the possibilities are endless.

  • Lora
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    9 years ago

    Have you noticed yahoo answers is always entertaining.

    Sit home and watch all the movies you want.

    Eat whatever you want.

    Do anything else that you want because you are single. When you do get your license as long as you are working and have money you can go on road trips to go see places you want to see.

    Actually I am single and it is lots of fun.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Read, blog, surf net, run, backflip, cook, and many more.

  • Anonymous
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