i'm sick of guys thinking of me as a sex object?

i always get comments from men, especially mexican and black men. there lots of sexual comments. i don't dress trashy or showy, the most i'll show off is a tank top under a sweatshirt or shorts in the summer. i don't like being treated like a sex object, i don't like all of the sexual comments, there is some much more to life than sex and i'm more than sex. i'm still a virgin and i'm almost 20.

what can i do? i don't even ask for it, like i'm waiting at the bus stop and get harrased. i don't get why those guys find me attractive but i can't get myself a boyfriend. and not to be racist but no guys of my own race, white, ever say anything like that nor do they hit on me.

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    9 years ago
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    Well im 20 and a virgin and i experience exactly the same thing from both white and black males. What creeps me out more is that they are way too old to be saying things like that to a young lady (they're like 40-70 yers old!) Like seriously, when im at work (in a shop) i get loads of creepy men saying inappropriate things to me and it makes me feel really uncomfortable to know they're thinking about me in that way!

    I think they are just opportunists and like the thrill of being able to say things sexual to young ladies, with obviously the hope that they will be flattered by it! Im not really sure if there is any way of stopping them from saying anything. I just don't even bother responding anymore, i pretend like i haven't heard or just give them 'the look of disgust.' If you are attracting them in public places i'd be tempted to put some headphones in, they might not try to speak to you then!

    Good luck, i know how horrible it is being talked to like a piece of sexual meat :(

  • 9 years ago

    They are living for the moment and just making opportunistic comments. Tell them to stop and they probably will. If its harassment though, then call the cops.

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