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Lied In Traffic Court?

I was just curious if there are any rules about court officials lying. I know it's ok for police officers to practice deception, they're actually best liars i've ever known. But what about court officials? I had an incident in traffic court that was resolved without consequence, no fine or anything, so they did me right in the long run. But before I told my story & started to make sense to them they told me that pleaded no contest was the same as saying i'm not admitting guilt, nor am I being convicted, I was very clear that i'd fight till the bitter end if that were the case & this would be on my record. Well, long story short I found out that no contest is a guilty verdict, where you simply state that you don't have enough evidence to prove that your innocent, which is backwards of our justice system where you're innocent until proven guilty. So is there any federal laws that govern the states as a whole to prevent this from happening? I mean let's be honest here, traffic court is nothing more than the most well organized extortionist group in the country, somebody's had to caught on by now right.

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    Sorry but what you have been told,altho at one time you were right, no longer exist. Now days Obamalamadingdong and his butt buddies have signed away almost all of our rights.. And to be truthful some peeps are waking up...that brings to mind "occupy wall street" and it scares the powers that be so bad they have started to label anyone questioning their actions as domestic terrorist..that's what the FEMA camps are for.....besides in a traffic court they are restricted from taking any testimony and acting on it

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