I need help choosing a high school...?

Okay so I am going to high school really soon (next year) and I need to decided from 2 ASAP! So yeah I'll tell you a bit about each school.

School A)

I'd want to be a police officer and its really good for law and criminollogy studies. Also, for graduatio, you go to Europe for a week and then you graduate on the beach. My 2 friends go there so I wouldnt be lonely for the first week or so. You wear unifor,ms so I wouldnt need to worry about wardrobe and spending a whole wack of money on clothes. They do drill so its also benificial for my dream job.The schools not too big so yeah idk whats good about that haha!

School B)

Its a really new school. Its really big and pretty and modern. Theres casual dress so id be able to show who i really am. There are really awesome complementary courses!

So yeah, i would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out a bit here haha. Because I really need to know really soon. Thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    School B) It's newer and you will be able to show who you are which is what high school is all about.

    I personally wouldn't want a school where I am restricted to "express" myself. lol

    I know that's a bit of a small answer, but I can not choose for you.

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