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I Havent Felt My Baby Move In A Day Should I Go To The Doctor?


im only 24 weeks along..

Update 2:

i have felt him move more at night but its started slowing down last night.. any ideas what might be wrong?

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    You start counting kicks once your 28-30 weeks along. How far along are you? Drink a cold glass of juice and see if she/he will start moving.

    EDIT: 24 weeks your still early i wouldn't worry if he didn't move the whole day now if he doesn't move for DAYS than let your doctor know.

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    At that point in pregnancy the baby is small enough still to move and be kicking your back or the placenta so you wouldn't feel the kicks, however if baby has been kicking every day and hasn't moved for a day I would get it checked out if only to put your mind at rest.

    Try lying on your back for a few minutes after drinking a cold sweet drink like lemonade or fruit juice.

    Don't lie on your back for longer than 30 minutes though as this can be dangerous for you and the baby! Especially later on in your pregnancy. If you start to feel breathless then you know you need to sit up of lie on your side right away.

    You should start to feel baby moving then. I used to do this a lot! Another tip for getting baby moving is to run your fingers over your belly like its a big spider. sounds odd i know but baby feels the vibrations and normally starts to kick that area then :)

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    It would really depend on how far gone you are?

    If you are around 20 weeks and in the early stages of feeling the baby move then I am sure things are fine.

    But if you are at the end of your pregnancy you should be feeling the baby move around 10 times a day.

    If you are worried call the on call midwife. They can arrange for you to go to the hospital and they can monitor the baby just to put your mind at rest.

    I hope this helps.

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    I used to go days without feeling babs move, But my midwife told me to drink ice cold water and lie down very still for 20mins or so, I would try that and if noting then ring labour ward...My babs just wasn't very active at all...

    Also how many weeks r u???If your after 35 weeks baby tends to slow down as running out of room

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