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How much should i eat to gain weight?

I need to gain about 2 pounds a week so, how many calories and fat should i eat to do so.

I'm 14 years old (i'm on half term at the moment so don't really do any exercise). When i'm at school i walk there and back, takes about an hour in total, and i do P.E twice a week. On the weekends i don't really do anything either. Could you please give me some diet tips, or an answer in detail please, i'm really desperate to gain weight.

Thankyou for your time :D

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    The program I've been doing actually shows you how to gain weight if you want to. It's at

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    dont listen to bosox, he's a spam bot. if youre looking for weight gain as in muscle, you need to lift weights and eat a lot of clean protein. clean meaning, grilled chicken, no sauce, no cream, no butter. just chicken, and NO SKIN!. if your just trying to gain fat weight , then eat whatever you want, and double it.

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