Does sex influence your period(of course,girls only)?

Hello, recently I've been having sex with my girlfriend and it's my first time ever.

We started like a month ago,something like that.

I clearly remember not having my period and it's a month and a half since I haven't had my period(half starting now).

I told my girlfriend and she said that it may be because of the fact that I've started being sexually active with her that my hormones may be all over the place right now so it may influence my period(hence why I'm having this break from my period for almost a month and a half now).

It sounds pretty logical but is it true? I'm just curious.


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  • 9 years ago
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    It could be that your having sex messed with your cycle. Along with so many other things. If your really worried about it go to a doc and talk to them. Not very helpful I know. But hey I tried lol

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