i really like on my best friend what should i do?

ive known this guy for three years, we go to the same school and were in most classes together. ive liked him for a year or so, and in that time we've become really close. i tell him everything, and there isn't a minute that goes by without us cracking a joke or rolling on the floor laughing. we also openly flirt like play fight, and unnormal things. recently I've been getting the feel that he's starting to like me back, our high fives turn into five second hand hugs, we spend a lot of time together, even on weekends at eachothers houses, he always starts conversations. my other best friend, a girl talked to him and told him that he must stop flirting with this other girl AND me, and that he must choose one because he is anoying everyone. he still does so with me so obviously... im the chosen one. but im still not onehundred percent sure. i also run out of serious things to talk to him about, so sometimes its abit awkward. in any case we both are awkward types of people. i want to advance our relationship abit but my friend says i shouldn't rush into it, if he JUST started liking me. i want to try something to test if he likes me, like talk about something particular or ask him a discreet question, that will show that he does but something that wont make it awkward, and let him know i like him, because i don't want our friendship to become an awkward mess. any ideas on what i should do? were both fifteen. please help!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Mostly just be yourself. Be patient, friendly and pleasant. Try to show him that you are a kind and caring person, and interesting to talk to. Talk to him when you can about school, sports, music, movies, books, hobbies, special interests, friends, family, pets, events that are happening around you or in your town, anything that might be of interest to him. Ask him questions about himself. Help him if he needs help. Show interest in the activities and issues that interest him. Pay attention to him, listen to what he has to say. Smile. Make eye contact. See how things develop.

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