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how to hade mi password in sind page?

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    You may have set the account to sign you in automatically for two weeks.

    Go to Options, Mail Options, Account Information (sign in again), and under 'Sign-In and Security', change the settings for 'Change sign-in settings.

    Click to change.


    1. On the Answers page with questions, hover over your name at the top left to bring up the menu, then click 'Account Info'. At the bottom of the 'Sign-In and Security' section, click Change sign-in settings, and change it to every 1 day. Save the change.

    2. Then, delete your cookies or change your password, just in case the settings were kept by a browser cookie too.

    3. Use the Tools menu tab and delete History. If you are using IE 9, Firefox 4 to 7 or Chrome with no menu bar, click Alt or Alt + V at the same time to get the menu bar showing.'s-Cookie...'s-Cache

    4. Re-boot your computer to set the changes. ( just a good thing to do ...)

    5. Check the browser Tools menu for Saved Passwords - you should delete it from there too.

    (In newer browser versions, to show the Menu Bar with Tools, click Alt or Alt + V at the same time to show the menu bar temporarily.)

    Internet Explorer users: delete History files by clicking the "Tools" menu, "Internet Options", and clicking the "Delete Files" or "Delete" button. Users also have the option of automatically deleting files each time they close the browser window by clicking the "Advanced" tab and checking "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" under the "Security" section.

    Firefox users: clear their history by clicking the "Tools" menu, "Options", clicking the "Privacy" button, and under "History" click the "Clear" or "Clear Now" button. OR

    Press CTRL + Shift + DEL to open the Clear Data Window.

    In Firefox, if you want to delete an individual entry from the History, just highlight it (either in the History sidebar or in the address bar drop-down) and press Shift+Delete.

    Netscape users: delete history files by clicking the "Edit" menu, "Preferences", "History", and click the "Clear History" button.

    Opera users: delete history by clicking the "File" menu, "Preferences", "History", and click "Empty now" button. In addition, users can check "Empty on exit" if they wish for this task to occur each time they exit the browser.


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