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Could I possibly be pregnant?

I can't say I missed my period because I got my very first in December 2011 and I eat more I wanna sleep more (I'm like so tired)...I spent the night at my friends house and she told me her brother was gonna rape us so we tried staying up all night,but we fell asleep. (and my friend lies sometimes) but she said she woke up once and he was naked her pants were pulled down and he was tryin to get my clothes idk who to believe (it would have happened 3 days ago). I'm kinda scared! I'm 13 Trista (my friend) is 10 and David (her brother) is 13 also....but I have had a couple of cramps (like period cramps) and some headaches. PLEASE HELP ME BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!


And we fell asleep because she was being loud and we had to take Melitonen. Cuz we had church the next day. But David didn't only me and her....and I hate David he's ugly! I hate him!!!!! Hate hate hate hate!! I don't give a Sh!t if I'ma hater!! I just wanna know if I'm pregnant! And if he's the father,if he is he's not helping me name the baby or anything if he did it I don't want nothing from maybe if I didn't hate him he's was skinnier and he wasn't ugly that's different!! And now I have to snoop around in bathrooms to look for pregnancy tests (and if I didn't already say it would VCR happened 3 days ago)

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    I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt that you were raped, if this is a serious question.

    There's a 99% chance that you would have actually woken up if someone were actually touching or penetrating you and you'd most likely feel some pain when you woke up because I'm guessing/hoping that you're a virgin.

    You have had your period, you're paranoid not pregnant. BUT, It's easy to trick yourself into panicking about "symptoms" you think you have when you're nervous about pregnancy.

    Take a pregnancy test, you can get one for a dollar at the dollar store or 10-12 dollars at a drugstore like CVS/Walgreens. You don't have to have an ID or anything to buy one. Take one, it'd be accurate by now and you'll likely get some peace of mind :) Hope I helped sweetie!

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