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A question about union laws?

I am under a contract to do a certain position at my workplace. It is in my job description to do the position. I am under contract for 56hs min in 2 weeks. Can they give the extra hours to another employee who is under contract to do 30hrs min in 2 weeks and does not have this position on their job description? The hours for the position also would of put either of us over our minimum hours. And I have also been told I can work up to 80hrs without a problem and before benefits would have to be given.

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    unless your contract specifically addresses who can perform what assignments the employer is free to make adjustments to assignments.

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    Sorry but this is one reason I refuse to join a union.....Screw anyone that tries to tell me when and how much I get to work. And by the way those are just rules not laws...but the reality is you are under contract so they have the color of law. Now state laws in Ga. state after 32 hs per week you are considered full time...Sorry I can't be of more help

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