Which thesis is better (Just read and choose 1 or 2. Easy as that)?

Unfortunately I have to write my thesis in the beginning of my essay (I hate formats haha). I have the intro done already but I'm wondering which one is better for a closing and which is a better beginning thesis.

1) In this era, women seemed to strike back at the men via their apparel by hiding their body’s natural shape yet keeping control of their men by wearing shorter skirts. Even though it may not be discussed often, fashion from the earliest ages, has been a tool for power as well as empowerment.

2) The obligatory fashion before the 1920's consisted of restricting corsets and tight, busty dresses that degraded women to a thing which was meant to be appealing to the eyes of men. However the start of the women's rights movement also sparked an independent, feminist attitude towards the women's appearance and how they represented themselves.

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  • 9 years ago
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    the second one should be your thesis and the first your closing,

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    According to me, second one is better

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