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What to do with my clothes?!?

so..m every girl has clothes in the closet that are perfectly fine but don't wear them.

example: I have 4 pair of jeans that are perrectly fine. I just don't want them abd I want to go ahopping for new jeans. witch I am. bit I hate them just sitting there and there to good to throw away. as well as some shirts and other items. I could give them to good will but I kinda want a few bucks off them cause there nice.

what would you doo?? besides the obvious ebay. I don't really feel like making an account.

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    i dont think your gonna get far if you dont create an account on ebay or another sale place like amazon, etc. IF you have an account on ebay like i, its the best cause then you know whats going on etc, but you could find some stores that let you sell your clothes, but you dont get all the profit but a least you get some, ebay though is prolly your best bet, either that or amazon, good luck :DD

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    You could have a "Garage Sale" or a "Yard Sale". You get EVERYTHING together that you want to sell..clothes, dishes, pots, pans, books, anything & everything you want to sell. Make an inventory of what you have, then call your local newspaper to place a "Yard/Garage Sale Ad". When you get the stuff sold, then you'll have the room, AND the money you want.

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    We have a Plato's Closet here. They pay you for your gently used clothes. A lot of second hand stores have days they accept clothes. Maybe you have one near you? Check on the internet for places of that nature near you and call to see if they buy clothes.

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    You can do many things with that clothes, make art, you can cut them and do some pillows or bags ("bolsas", that's in spanish, i don't know how to write it on english) If you don't want them you can also give it to friends who want it and if you don't want to do those things, you can sell them.

    Selling clothes is not EASY, but make sure people know you don't wear them or even had wear them.

    In my place they have like this market where you can sell clothes, food, art, and stuff....but my place is in México, if you have something like that in your place, you can try it. :P

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    sell them on the street

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    9 years ago

    give them to the salvation army

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