What other jobs can I do after my current position?

I currently work in proposals for the federal government, even though I am thankful for my job and the flexibility. I do not feel happy about what I am doing, I don't seem to get excited about my job. Sure I am the bottom of the chain being a coordinator but the type of work is what I don't see myself doing after a year. Other than proposal management, what would be a few examples of jobs that I could move into after being a Proposal Coordinator? They don't have to be for the government either.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I don;t know what a proposal coordinator does. But it sounds like project management. Which is a big skill set that includes office skills and team management. If That;s correct, you'll find yourself qualified for office positions in any industry you like.

    Try choosing an industry that does excite you, and seeing how your skills would work into that system of business.

    Good luck.

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