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What's the song in the beginning of episode 39 in soul eater?

It plays for the first minute of the episode. I can't find it anywhere. :/


I don't mean Papermoon, I'm talking about the song plays when Crona's sitting in the corner.

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    Papermoon - Tommy heavenly6 :)

  • 9 years ago

    I believe your talking about the almost opera-sounding one. I don't believe it is a real entitled song, but it often does come up in the series, mostly in parts with Crona in them. It was a soundtrack/piece/song made specifically for Soul Eater, probably made by/for the people who work on the series. I know there are things called Soul Eater OST soundtracks which are sometimes played during 'moody' or 'dramatic' scenes in the anime, but they are just made by the people who work on Soul Eater.

    Hope it helped!


    Source(s): Maka. Hahahha NO! Just me. :)
  • 9 years ago he said, Papermoon.

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