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Does he like me? My friends tell me he does...?

So....yeah. there's this guy. He knows I like him. And he acts like he likes me. A lot of eye contact, smiling a lot, he looks at me a lot, laughs at pretty much whatever i day, comes and sits by me at lunch, etc. The only thing is, it seemed like yesterday at school he was almost like.....ignoring me? Except for once in study hall he turned around in his seat (across the room) and said something to Me, while we maintained eye contact. And ....he didn't come and sit by Me at lunch like normal.... ?

Also, another thing he does is he sits with me even if his friends aren't sittting there or his friends have already left the table he would still stay there with me.

We are both in highschool... He is a sophomore I am a freshman, if that helps. Thankyou!

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    I think he does like you. But is he the one always sitting & talking to you f irst? If he is I think you should try sitting with him & his friends & talking to him first. He might feel like hes chasing after you & might think you're losing intrest.

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    Why dont you go ask him why is he ignoring you. Maybe the reason why he's ignoring you cause he is not interested in you anymore or you made him feel that you are not interested in him or he's tired making such efforts?

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