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Uhlan asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 9 years ago

What's not to like about Mitt Romney?

I just don't get why cons aren't going ape for this guy. IMHO, he's the perfect GOP presidential nominee.

He's squeaky clean, he's white, he's a middle aged male, he's a devout Christian, he's a true blue 1%er, he went to the right schools, he looks like a president straight from central casting, and he has the obvious backing of the party establishment (Karl Rove, Dick Army, and the other usual GOP cretins).

And yet cons seem lukewarm about Romney at best despite years of being bombarded with the finest media propaganda that money can buy. Moreover, everybody who isn't family that gets to know the guy can't stand him.

So, what's the problem? As a democrat, I do not presume to understand what goes on in the dark recesses of the American conservative mind.


The main thing that troubles me is the fact that people end up really disliking the guy. He has this superior, stick-up-the-a$$ attitude that comes across as condescending and phony. He just doesn't seem genuine to me - on any level. And, even I can tell that he's way too liberal for mainstream conservatives.

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    Kkkonservatives don't like Romney b/c they (rightfully) think that he's only spouting their fascist crap to get them to vote for him. He's a shameless opportunist, and even retards on the Reich can see that.

    But what really proves that the Reich are idiots is that b/c Romney's such a shameless opportunist, he'll do ANYTHING to get the Republikkkan nod, up to an including spouting the ideologies of American right wingers and pushing forward their agenda.

    People on the Reich are too stupid to realize that it doesn't matter if the guy actually believes in what you believe in, so long as he follows your marching orders.

    Let's hope the Reich shoots itself in the foot (again) an nominates someone like white American Taliban member Rick Santorum or hypocritical blowhard Newt Gingrich.

    That'll absolutely guarantee for more years of president Barack HUSSEIN Obama. lol

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A. many Christians don't consider Mormons to be Christians... I don't care either way, but they do

    B. he supported many liberal ideas while being gov. of Mass... and cons hate all liberal ideas... the very fact that Romneycare is so much like Obamacare has to hit close to home... even if it is only on a state level

    C. he constantly changes positions... one week he's for this and the next he's for that... while politicians often do this, mitt seems to take it to new levels...

  • 9 years ago

    Because he's a Mormon. Christians can't take Mormons seriously. The LDS Church is significantly different than ALL other christian churches. How do you feel about a 'religion' that lets you get your dead relatives into heaven (for the right contribution), or that think evil spirits came to the earth in spaceships shaped like jetliners, or that Jesus wandered around the US, and ended up in Utah, of all places?

    The GOP right senses that Mitt doesn't pray to the same God that they know.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think he is a decent man. He priorities are messed. Much like the rest of the candidates. But if Obama wasn't in this race. Id consider him as changing into a good President. People do change. And some really deserve a second chance. But not now for him. It would conflict with Obama. That I cannot do.

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    9 years ago

    Exactly what everyone else said. He could easily run on the democratic ticket. Romneycare says it all. He doesn't understand conservatism or else he wouldn't create personal mandates. He's a politician and seems easily swayed by whatever's popular at the moment. He's not like Ron Paul who has deep reasoning for his beliefs.

  • 9 years ago

    Yeah! He's affable enough. In a strange two-dimensional kinda way. I find him a LITtle too thin, maybe because he's so rich. And, Brylcreem is a little off-putting. AND his sons all appear to be MAJORLY MK programmed, especially the Peter Brady one. (They can afford decent dental work, can't they?) Anyway, sure, why not?

  • You mean besides him not being conservative, not having a plan to decrease the deficit, not having an honest or consistent bone in his body, and being a career politician? You see I tend to vote based on issues, not how white, rich and religious the guy is...

  • GARF
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    9 years ago

    He is too liberal, but still not as bad as Obama. Anybody but Obama, the worst President in the history of the country.

  • have an idea about the over sized government in massachusets that exploded in growth under his command. romney is a donkey in an elephant suit

  • daddio
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    9 years ago

    simple. he's not conservative.

    he's way better than Obama though.

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