i've been sick for two days (fever, sore throat, headache) today i coughed up yellow phlegm with blood?

what does that mean? today my headache is gone and my temperature is just 99, but i still have a sore throat. i havent really been coughing, but i randomly got the urge about 5 minutes ago and that came up. i spit it out and i was surprised to see a little bit of red mixed in.

i know that coughing up yellow phlegm means that youre getting the infection out, but blood?

please help. thank you.

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  • 9 years ago
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    A lot of coughing can cause blood specks which mixed with saliva look more than they are. So it could be nothing.

    Or it could be mild pneumonia which will need antibiotics. Call your doctor's office and ask for the nurse.

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