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Is he trying to hint he's no longer interested?

There is this guy I've been communicating with for over a year on Facebook almost everyday & over time I found I was thinking about him everyday & started having feelings for him. We have not met in person, he actually lives overseas right now, but he has expressed to me that he has feelings for me a few times & has mentioned that he wants to move over here. But, lately I've noticed something has changed, he isn't communicating with me hardly at all now & it has made me pretty upset wondering what might be going on. I was thinking that he probably might be interested in another woman & wondering has been driving me crazy. I have backed off a lot & haven't been emailing him as much hoping he'll email me first. Yesterday, I waited for him to acknowledge V-day as he had done last year, but nothing but silence. Finally I emailed him & said Happy Valentine's Day & he replied about 4 hrs later & just said Happy Valentine's back. I kinda took that as a signal that he's over this. So today I was thinking about sending him an email and asking him directly if he is interested in someone else over there just so I can have an answer & get to to the bottom of this. Does it make me sound desperate to ask this question & do you think he isn't interested anymore?

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    Well if you do want to get to the bottom of this then that is the right thing to do. All you really need to do is change the question.Don't ask if he is interested in someone else because that makes you seem in-secure.

    Instead,ask him what's going on with the two of you.

    His response here should give you a fair indication of if he's still interested.

    To me it seems as if he is probably no longer interested. He may be tired of talking to you without meeting you or something. Anyway,just ask him about it and you'll know if he's interested or not.But don't have high expectations..

    Good luck,

    God bless.


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