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What is the pay difference in these ranks? USMC?

What's the pay difference between a married PFC and a married Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps?


Yes people I already know all of that...

Been in for just over a year. Picking up Lance March 1st.

I already know about the BAH and all that stuff, obviously. I live off base and I am married, duh.

So I ask again. anybody know the pay differences or about what the pay will increase by once Lance is picked up?

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    Military Pay consists of not only your base pay (based on your rank and years of service), but various allowances. Some common examples include BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing), BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence), and COLA (Cost of Living Allowance), but there are various others. Therefore, to get a good idea of the pay increase you mentioned, you'd have to take into account years of service, location, rank, the person's job (MOS), and family/marital status. I would suggest checking out and clicking under the "Pay" section if you want a detailed idea of how much a promotion like that entails. If you just want to know the change in base pay, click on the 2012 Pay Chart on the aforementioned website, or just Google it. Hope this helps!

    EDIT: If you already know all this, then you OBVIOUSLY know which pays and entitlements change with rank (base, BAH/OHA ceilings, COLA), and you OBVIOUSLY know that you can look them up online, so what's your question? This is supposed to be a forum for people with real questions, not a forum for someone to look up your pay rates because you're too lazy to look it up yourself.

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    Usmc Ranks Pay

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    NOTHING. BAH w/dependents for E4 and below is the same.

    Basic Pay depends on Rank and years in. How much you pay on taxes depends on how much you are claiming.

    The only rise you MIGHT see is if you are on accompanied OCONUS orders in which COLA can go up slightly.

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    9 years ago for pay charts and info on BAH

    you didn't give us enough details (IE LENGTH OF SERVICE) so we can't give you an answer

    GOT IT?

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