Do weed Brownies taste good?

Me and My Friend Kody are arguing over whether They taste good or not.

Also I want to Make them But I don't want anyone to smell it cause I always have people over. Does it smell? If so How Can I Cover It up????

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    9 years ago
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    It really depends on how you make them. I usually substitute the oil you have to put in the brownie mix with cannabutter. Cannabutter is what smells, making it at least. I haven't found away to make it without it smelling up the whole house. You usually have to put 10 oz of weed for each pound of butter. Boil the weed in the butter until the butter is completely green then get a big bowl, and a strainer. Put the bowl under the strainer and separate the weed from the butter. (You can freeze the weed and boil it a second time)

    I know a lot of people don't use cannabutter because it takes about an hour to make, but if you just put broken up pot into brownies it tastes like complete sh*t.

    Source(s): I make pot food all the time! (Eggs, cookies, pancakes, cake ect..)
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