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How to I stop this teenage feeling?

I'm 15 years old, I'm in all honor's classes [For advenced kids], and Everyone thinks I'm an angel, I'm very shy, only dated a few other shy boys, and I'm really kind, but sometimes at night I get this like...sexual feeling, and I get so... ON, I don't know how to stop it, cause I've already messed up once, and I don't want to mess up, and say something wrong, or do something wrong that will ruin my life... :(( People USUALLY don't notice me, cause I'm shy, and small, but still. I'm starting college early, and I'm scared... Like.. At night, all I can think about is sex, and I want it to go away...

Please help? I also have Depression, Panic Attacks, and I'm emotional, if that helps? :/


To the guy that said -Kindness and Being and angel is strange.

My friends parents think I'm kind, I always try to hide my depression, and keep it bottled in, but on 2/22/12 (Wednesday) Im going to a Psychologist, She's going to help me out of it. I hope:((

I've had depression since I was 12.. so :/

Anyways - I read all the time, but it doesn't help. I get distracted by this feeling, and then I want it to be gone. :/ I don't know if I'm making sence D:

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    Not to be creepy or anything, since I answered another one of your questions, but I got the e-mail and figured I'd give it a go...

    Like some other people have mentioned, changes in sex drive are completely normal for a teenager. Depressions more often than not decreases libido (as someone with depression, I can identify with that side of things) but I know a few people who have an increase in it. Depending on your medications, if you're on any, that can be a factor as well.

    It's a bit of a cliche at this point, but keeping feelings- particularly depression- bottled up is a bad thing. The best way to tackle it is often to find someone or some people you don't mind talking to and telling him/her/them how you're feeling.

    Feeling nervous is completely understandable in your position, and it probably has some relation to your other feelings and emotions. When things are unfamiliar- such as this sudden increase in sex drive, going to college early- or high pressure- being in advanced classes, being overlooked when the image of your age is getting attention- it can cause people's minds to react in strange and often nonlinear ways, as well as upping tension.

    I'd suggest learning some relaxation techniques or trying easy yoga or tai chi- and definitely telling the psychologist. As previously mentioned, masturbation is one way that people use to relieve the sexual pressure, but that can make people uncomfortable, so if you feel that way about it, don't worry.

    Hopefully this helped...!

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    This may sound a bit weird, but this is relatively normal for a teenager, most are just to embarrassed or shy to tell anybody. You have nothing to worry about. It may be annoying, but it won't kill you and will pass with time. Though I'm not so sure panic attacks are normal for a teenager. But the rest is. And being nice is not so normal for a teenager either but that isn't really that relevant. Also the bit about everybody thinking your an angel.

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    during teenage years (puberty) its normal to experience a heightened sex drive. this is caused by an increase in hormonal activity, A way to suppress it is masturbation, sex itself, or go do something that causes you to stop thinking about it all together.. hope i helped you out.. and good luck

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    Just read a book, it'll take your mind off it

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    sounds extreme, you should just go with it. It's normal to have those feelings!

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    go become a giant whore you will feel good all the time and have huge self esteem

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