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Add or adhd questions?

I think that ADD and ADHD are the same but still not sure. I believe I have one or the other and I was curious if the treatments actually help or not? I am nervous of being put on medication that isn't going to make much of a difference but if it makes a big improvement like I could finally get focused enough to clean my house or be able to correctly organize or to have normal conversations then it is probably worth it. I can see that I have probably had this disorder my entire life but it has became a major issue and eye opener since the birth of my oldest daughter over 4 years ago I just cant seem to get a grip on my life and everything seems impossible to accomplish. All my focus goes to taken care of my children and I am constantly missing my appointments and putting off things I need in my life just so I can take care of them. I feel like if I start even a little bit of focus on myself then I won't take care of my kids like I need to. I just want to feel normal, is that even possible with this disorder???? also is this a chemical imbalance or just behavior problems? If it is behavior problems then can't it be cured???

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    See a psychiatrist. There are lots of meds and therapy that can help. I take Welbutrin for that and it helps a lot.

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