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Are we never free in this world?

I am 19. i just don't think freedom is realistic. I know that in order for society to maintain itself. We need rules to abide by I am not an anarchist. I have been on the planet for 19 years. i think the most important thing in the single life you have... Is for you to feed yourself, hydrate yourself, provide for yourself, help and be there for your family. Also to achieve happiness. I am currently in college and honestly have a lack of vision. I am in art college... Because art is the only thing I can do. Not to mention society FORCES you into wanting to go to college. All college really does is out you in a debt you can never pay back. It puts limit on your freedom. I don't know what to make of it. I feel oppressed by my government, my college and even the very people who are oppressed like me. I would accept slavery. If that's what humanity was all about in the first place. But I have a hard time believing in freedom. When the basics of it's principles don't exist. I don't control my destiny. Other people do. because I am outnumbered and rendered powerless.

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    I dig this man.

    I'm 32 now. You sound exactly like me when I was your age. Art school and all

    Freedom's out there man. But it is not cheap and it is not easy to get at.

    Its gonna cost you friends. It's gonna cause you heartache. Some time's it's gonna be lonely. And it's gonna have you up nights wondering if you're on the right path from time to time.

    But you already have the right mindset.

    You get this one life.

    Every morning you have to decide if you got the stones to go out and make it interesting.

    Good luck!

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    Have you ever noticed that just as you are in the deepest thought and philosophizing, right when you are about to discover what this world is all about, why we are here, what it all is about, what these bonds that hold us really are and why they were put there in the first place, how we could break them and finally be free, the buzzer on the dryer goes off and you realize it's time to get back to Life?

    One can think and wonder and ponder about these things for a very long time, but then we must remember that ultimately the easiest way to maintain ourselves at this planet is simply to play by the rules. As much as you disdain social norms and constructs that were indeed designed simply to limit your choices of how to live your Life (while still giving you the illusion of choice, which you have cleverly seen through), the truth of the matter is that no-one is truly special enough to be allowed to avoid these rules. While the earth does belong to you simply because you were born, it belongs to everyone, and if you want to live with the rest of us, you have to play by our rules. And that means getting the clothes out of the dryer when really you want to pack a provisional bag, get out into the wilderness and see what the world has to offer you.

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    We are never really free but this is just the way it is. People like you are needed to change it for others and if you are passionate don't let problems with sight hold you back

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    Humanity used to be free, before the beginning of civilization. Let's try it again, and see what we can do, with our enlightened view of the world.

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    Only people who came from the good, bright happy wealthy familys are free.

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