Wheres the safest place to hold on in the car?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if someone could tell me where the safest place to hold on during a car ride might be. For instance I recently developed a fear of riding in the car as passenger and have found that I hold either the handle over the door or the handle on the dashboard for the entire car ride. Does anyone know where it might be the safest to hold on?

Sometimes when my hand gets tired I will brace myself on the ceiling of the car above the passenger seat with my arm straight up in the air or against the sun visor if I am up front. Would you think this would be safer or holding onto the handle?

One of my friends was riding in the car one time and was holding onto the grab handle on the door (by the window controls) when a car hit them at that door and his wrist broke. I certainly dont want that to happen, but I need something to either hold onto or brace myself on during a car ride.

Please help me :) Thank You.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I would tightened your seat belt. When you put on your seat belt, I would take the slack out of the lap portion of the seat belt and hold onto that, or you could just lock it really tightly. Sometimes I lock my sleep belt when I am sleeping in the car to remain in position. I would sit in the middle seat if there was a headrest and hold onto your seatbelt.

  • Smurfy
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    9 years ago

    I would suggest if it's a male driver you hold them very tightly in the " trouser region "

    Whilst telling them " you ARE going to drive very very carefully aren't you ?"

    that in itself should guarantee you a safe arrival at your destination


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