Need Indian names for baby girl?

I am looking for Girl names that starts with the following.Preferably modern/with goddess name.

Se, So, Da, Di


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    I don't know ANY Indian names except one, and that's mine. My name is Mahaleigh. It obviously doesn't fit what you want, but I was just throwing that out there for ya! :)

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    Well I don't know if these are very modern or anything but here are some Indian baby girl names that start with Da Di So or Se:

    Daksha - the earth; Sati; wife of Shiva

    Dakshata - skill

    Dakshayani - Goddess Durga

    Damayanti - Nala's wife

    Damini - lightning

    Darika - maiden

    Darpana - a mirror

    Darshana - sight

    Darshwana - pure of heart

    Daya - kindness; mercy; pity

    Dayamayee - kind

    Dayanita - tender

    Dayita - beloved

    Diksha - initiation

    Dilber - lover

    Dilshad - happy

    Disha - direction

    Diti - wife of the sage Kashyap

    Divya - divine lustre

    Seema - boundary

    Seemanti - parting line

    Seemantini - woman

    Seerat - inner beauty; fame

    Sejal - river water

    Selma - fair

    Semanti - a white rose

    Serena - quiet

    Sevati - white rose

    Sevita - cherished

    Sohalia - moon glow

    Sohni - beautiful

    Soma - moon ray

    Somalakshmi - lustre of the moon

    Somansh - half moon

    Somatra - Excelling the moon/font>

    Sona - Gold

    Sonakshi - golden eyed

    Sonal - golden

    Sonali - golden

    Sonia - Golden

    Sonika - golden

    Soorat - beauty

    Soumya - handsome

    Sourabhi - fragrance; the celestial cow

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    Visit for a complete collection of modern Hindu baby names with their meanings.

    At you can find baby names by their meanings, Hidnu Rashi and Nakshatra also!

    For Modern Hindu girl names starting with 'S'

    For Modern Hindu girl names starting with 'D'

    You can baby names finder option to search baby starting with letters - i.e. Se, So, Da, Di

    Hope it helps you!

    Good luck!

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