Did anyone else cry lastnight from the finale?

Of teen mom2?? Omg I found I cried sooo much! But I guess it could be because I am a teen mom! I can totally relate to all the struggles and problems. The good thing is me and my baby daddy are getting our life on track :) we are together and have our own apartment! We work hard to get our baby the life he deserves :) ive never been more happy.

But enough about me..whatd you guys think of the show?

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    Goodluck! =]

    I teared up at the end of the finale because it was sad that Leah and Cory broke up. I liked them together and I feel like Cory loves her and their kids. I don't blame him for ending the relationship because he was cheated on. I can't believe that she went through with a wedding when she cheated on him a week before...

    It was nice that Janelle went to rehab but I feel like she will always go back to her old ways. On the finale special, she says that she failed her drug test. I don't get why she wouldn't want to spend every minute with her son. He is so innocent and deserves her love and attention. At least he has his grandma and she seems to take good care of him.

    Kailyn really annoyed me because she showed NO emotion when she told her boyfriend that she went too far with Joe. If you feel like you will always love him then don't string other people a long...

    I like Chelsea but she should seriously get over that loser. I know it's hard if you love someone but he is never going to change

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    No i watch real tv. I also have better things to do with my life than watch where my tax money will go one day.

    Source(s): NCIS was on. Gibbs always comes first
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