Debilitating migraines?

I have a friend who started experiencing migraines about 6 months ago. She is in her 40s. Recently, they have become so severe that she can do nothing by herself, like eat, move, etc. All of her tests and MRIs have come back negative. She will get cerebral spinal fluid tested next week. I'm really worried about her. What could be the problem?? Thank you in advance.

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    9 years ago
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    if you feel pain on your head,take shower immedietly.and drink more water for the brain therapy and rest,avoid eating heaty food.

    Source(s): i obsever my friend she have this problem,but sho only do that,,,if you dont mind you can try tha method of curring your friend mindgrain.
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    Migraines are caused by tight neck muscles, so she might be able to notice that they are tight to see that this is possible. The muscles go to the top of her head where they connect to muscles going around the head. When the neck muscles get tight they pull the head muscles into pain and that's the migraine. The pains in her eyes happen because the nerves for the eyes go to the back of the head passing next to the neck muscles. When the neck muscles are tight they will press into the nerves to send a pain back to the eyes. More pressure will cause the pupils to dilate to make her sensitive to light or for things to go blurry. The neck muscles passed by the ears along the way where, when tight, they can press into the nerves for the ears to cause pains and/or hearing loss in them. Tight muscles don't show up on the scans and is why the dr.'s don't find them. To get rid of the migraines she has to free up her neck muscles to release the pull on the head muscles and here's how to free them up:

    Neck Release:

    Place your hands behind your head touching your fingers. Press into the back of your neck with them and hold the pressure on them. After 45 seconds slowly lower your head until your neck is fully extended. Release the pressure but hold your head there for another 30 seconds.

    For best results relax the body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed. If any questions drop a line.

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    I don't like Bachmann anyway but migraines are serious, most people do not realize just how horrible reoccurring migraines are. My girlfriend suffered from them and the doctors would give her any drug she wanted but she could not take them because her job was important and the drugs made her dim . terrible really. I think it is more damaging for a president than heart palpitations.

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    i went through the same thing when i was in third grade all the way up to 9th grade, and there was nothing wrong with me, it could be certain foods or allergies that trigger the headaches, but tell her to drink plenty of ater and take 2 excedrin as soon as she feels a migraine comign on.

    hope this helps

    Source(s): hade them myself for years
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    9 years ago

    well although i am very much younger i have very cervir mirgandes. i saw my doctor he siad i was under stress and my body couldnt cope. reading this it sounds similar if i was you i wouldnt worry she will be fine. jsut keep calm and if you see or know anything that maybe stressful then keep her away from it. if it makes her better not to be by stress then it might make her feel better. hope she is better soon not to worry much love xx

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