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Are there any organizations that help fund the training of service/assistant/therapy dogs?

Are there any national or state funding organizations who help disable people with little income to get their dog trained to perform service/assistant/therapy for them? Or are there any trainers who donate their time for this service in the Wisconsin area?

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    Unfortunately, there are not. There should be, but there aren't. Most people do their own fundraising for their service dogs, either on their own or in conjunction with an organization they are getting a dog from.

    There are trainers that will donate training services, just ask! I got free training and obedience classes for our owner-trained service dog by simply asking for them.

    While it is true that most dogs are not cut out to be service dogs, it is patently untrue that self training a service dog is more expensive. Organizations charge anywhere from $5,000-$20,000 for a service dog, depending on which you go with and what you require from the dog. My self trained service dog (who was carefully selected as a puppy for health, temperment, suitability to service work, had all health testing done and has champion bloodlines) was all of $1000, and all that was donated by very generous people. Other than the initial $1000, the expenses for him have been no different than they would for any other dog. Food, pet insurance, vaccinations, etc. cost the same whether it's a service dog or a pet dog. Actually, sometimes less because insurance companies, food distributors, and veterinarians will often give discounts to legitimate service dogs.

    That being said, self-training is not for most people, although it is an option. It is VERY hard work, takes at least 2 years to do, and requires basic knowledge of dog training, VERY careful and thought out selection of the dog, and the guidance from working with a trainer experienced with service dogs.

    Most pet dogs are unsuitable for service dog work, and should be evaulated both for ability for the job and temperment for the work as well as an impeccable health history by someone experienced with service dogs. I do not know of a single service dog organization that assists with training a dog someone already has, they only place their own dogs.

    Fundraising options are as varied as you can imagine! People hold bake sales, car washes, yard sales. Many will get churches, local restaurants, or organizations to hold fundraisers. I was fortunate- all the donations for our service dog were received by simple making a Facebook page to fundraise.

    I run a group for service dog handlers, and our members include many professional service dog trainers as well as the majority of members have self-trained their dogs. Please message me and I will be happy to add you to the group, you can at least get some input on if your dog might be suitable for service dog work or not, as well as lots of tips, advice, and guidance on self-training.

    Source(s): Owner of a VERY successful self-trained service dog.
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    Fundraising is usually handled by the program training the dog. They are in a better position to do fundraising by way of being a public charity (so a tax write off) and having contacts and venues for fundraising. If you choose to train a pet instead of going through a program, you are choosing the more expensive route to getting a service dog, and also the route least likely to succeed. The vast majority of dogs are not suited for the work. A study by Paws With A Cause showed that only 1 dog in a hundred of the general population had all of the qualities needed to become a service dog.

    To start training, which typically takes 18-24 months, the dog really should be a puppy. Most pet dogs will not have received adequate socialization as puppies to handle the social situations that service dogs face daily. There is a crucial period of development, from 3 weeks to 3 months, when you need to hit socialization very hard. From 2 months to 3 months, that pup should meet at least 100 new people, which is an average of three new people a day. He should be exposed to a wide variety of sights, sounds, smells, and surfaces. And lots more. Without that background, any dog is starting at a huge disadvantage.

    The objective is to complete training by the time the dog is about 2 years old. If you start with an older dog and train it, you are losing work years. For example, supposing the average life expectancy of a dog (based on their breed) is 10 years, and you don't start training until the dog is 5. He won't finish training before he is 6, and will probably have to retire by age 8, leaving just two years of working life with all that investment in training. So it's best to start off with a well socialized, well mannered young adult, who has been tested for hip and elbow structure, eye and cardiac function, and a few other things depending on breed, about a year old. That's what programs are producing with their puppy raiser programs, dogs ideally suited to enter into the actual service dog training portion of the program.

    Most trainers will charge about $50-$100 per hour for their services. Several hundred hours of training go into the dog. And the typical program charges about $1,000 that the client is expected to fundraise with the program's assistance. At the end, the client gets a fully trained service dog and no broken heart or wasted effort for a dog who just didn't have what was needed to become a service dog (because the client never meets or becomes attached to the dogs who aren't able to complete the program).

    All of that said, if you want to look for a trainer to work with, or a program, here is an article that gives some tips on evaluating a trainer or program and has links to various lists of trainers and programs: http://servicedogcentral.org/content/node/262

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    Mid America Service Dogs would be the place to contact to ask them any questions you may have regarding service dogs. They offer training classes and are located in Hinsdale IL. Ask them to refer you to someone in your area in WI.

    Best of luck.


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    none i know of

    contact service dogs in your area

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