Why my dream Happend again?!??!!!?

Hello! i just wonder about my dream. I also can say that is a strange dream. My dream is following:

(one of My dreams) I have dreamt about studying at school and I and My friends talking together about Computer Lesson. It just a dream. But about 2 weeks Later, All the The action in my dream, it repeated again in my Real-Life.every action such as saying had repeated in my Real life. and nothing different betweet my dream and real life. How could this happend? The action that we don't know yet, happend in the dream first and second is real life .Do u think it is strange? For me it's not strange, caz i have met this dream alot. It's almost 10 years that i saw these dream and not just this one, there are alot of dreams show like this. I'm 16 years old now. Or do I have a talent to see the Future?

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    9 years ago
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    That was what my friend said happened to her. She never has the same dreams over again, but she claims that she will usually have dreams about something that happens the next day. I think I can probably explain this. Once, last October, I had a dream that I was going to pick out my Halloween costume. My friends were with me but they told me they weren't going in the costume shop with me. I walked in and then a bunch of stuff was going on. I could tell the people in there weren't in costumes, they were real monsters. Some tried to kill me. The thing about me is I hate going into Halloween shops, I always didn't like to see disturbing things or any creepy decorations. I used to be scared to go in. That's why I had the dream. The dream happened over and over again until Halloween was over.

    When you're at rest, your mind finds things in your thoughts, and your thoughts have to do with everyday life. That's why your dreams can sometimes display something that chances are might happen the next day. That's probably why your experiencing this.

  • 9 years ago

    I have no idea how that happened. But it's not unusual for somebodies dream to come true. Loads of people have a dream which somehow is a foretelling of an event to come. Most people only get it once or twice. You may have seen the future, not to sound unkind, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have a talent for it. Many people claim to have dreams like this.

  • woomer
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    4 years ago

    Are you sexually lively? I see this as a sexual dream. i became thinking possibly your mom has warned you of the hazards of going to mattress with somebody, and probably you permit your guard down and fooled around with somebody, or possibly even purely needed to. The basement is the hidden area of you, and decrease so that is in many situations sexual, consisting of fantasies or doing kinky stuff. There you spot evil rabbits -- animals can characterize sexuality, as in animal urges, and rabbits are prevalent for their means to reproduce immediately, so i could say you spot possibilities for paying for into hassle sexually in each and every single place, or thinking of them each and all the time. yet you at the instant are not waiting to act on them, to bypass forward (can't walk) and you do not actual get any damaging outcomes, no remember in case you have fooled around and gotten away with it or you have resisted the temptation and don't think of intercourse is easily as risky as you have been informed.

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